Be aware of copy cats!

All customers of Luna Commerce Limited:
Please be alert that there are dozens of copy cats out there trying to copy our company. They could imitate our website’s style,steal photos from our website as well as copy our price list,invoice templates,even use domain name registered with “LUN[……]

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MK1634GAL 1.8″ 160G slim HDD avaialble

Just got Toshiba MK1634GAL 1.8” 160G 5mm single platter HDD back in stock.This model of HDD is originally found inside Apple’s latest version of iPod Classic. But during the testing we are really surprised to find out MK1634GAL actually compatible with iPod Video 5.5gen too. As we know from pas[……]

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MK2431GAH 1.8″ 240GB HDD avaialble

We have exclusive version of Toshiba MK2431GAH 1.8” 240G 8mm dual platter HDD in stock.
Only our version of this MK2431GAH compatible with both iPod Classic and iPod Video.
Your iPod can be the largest capacity of iPod ever available after the upgrade!


  • Manufacturer: Toshiba
  • Series: 1.8&#8243[……]

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Amazon Kindle Leather Cover With light

If you are Kindle users and is search for the right leather cover to go with their electronic reading gadget after purchasing one, you can refer to this tutorial .What about one that allows you to read without distracting your partner late into the evening? And that is just one of the many reaso[……]

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iPhone 4 white 5pcs set — DIY your own white iPhone 4

white iphone 4

Still wait for your white iPhone 4 now?
Apple has announced recently, the release of the white iPhone 4 was mysteriously postponed — first for a month, then to the end of the year, and now until spring of 2011. What’s more, some even speculated that it may never see an official launch!

Why is white[……]

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iPhone 3GS Replacements

When we talk about the world’s best phones, the iPhone is the first name that comes to our mind. It is surely one of the classiest phones available in the market today and its owners consider it to be a style statement. This high quality phone is an Internet and multi-media enabled smart phone[……]

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How to get your favorite iPod repair parts?

What harvest October it is!
This time,this season,farmers joyfully gather in grain,corn,fruit and other crops.From all the year aroud,they spare no efforts nurturing their plants,concerning changeale weather,watering in drought and proofing in sunshine.As they sow,so they reap,they deserve it.
Same [……]

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iPhone 4/4G LCD with Digitizer

iPhone 4 has been fiercely worshipped since it went public.People like
its powerful functions,novel design and brief appearance.But,the early
adopters who have been playing with their iPhone 4 are finding some
flaws in their “Retina Displays” and metal band antenna.Hopefully this

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Curious for iPhone 3G Dock Connector Complete Assembly

The iPhone 3G accessories are so delicate,so precise,so perfect.For instance,when you teardown the iPhone 3G dock connector assembly and list spareparts as follows:dock connector flex,loudspeaker,antenna flex,mic flex,dock connector copper needles,dock connector metal cover.[……]

About iPod Nano Accessories

Nano 1 to Nano 6 are different not only in appearance,but also in inner iPod Nano accessories. This article is focused on these nano accessories and has intensive study about them.[……]